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963 Salmon Feasts                                          

Kanekelak and his little brother were always scared away when their parents pulled a salmon from the river.


The father said to the mother, "How can we keep the children from seeing this salmon and asking for food?" "Scare them," said the woman.  The father yelled, "Children run, for the ghosts are coming!"  The the parents roasted the salmon and ate it as fast as they could. 

The next day there were two salmon, then three, then four, and the boys were always frightened away.  Peeking through the woods, Kanelelak became aware of what his parents were doing in order to keep all the fish for themselves.  He then turned his father into a heron and his mother into a red-headed woodpecker.

                       --Northwest Coast Story


                                H. 27 1/2"  W. 39 1/2"

Bierhorst, John.  The Mythology of North America.  William Morrow,  1985.  p. 35

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